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Our Services

A Wide Range of Service Deliveries

At Speech & More we provide a very wide range of service deliveries to suit the individual needs of our clients and make therapy more effective. 

Home Visits

Home Visits

In the realm of allied health, particularly within the...

Communication Assessments

Communication assessments play a crucial role in identifying...

Mealtime Management Plans

Mealtime management plans are essential tools in promoting safe...

Group Home Visits

In the realm of speech therapy and disability support services...

School Visits

School Visits

In the realm of allied health, school visits represent a dynamic...

Day Program Visits

In the landscape of allied health and disability support services...

Swallowing Assessments

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, poses significant...


Telehealth, the delivery of healthcare services remote...

Direct 1:1 Therapy

In the realm of speech therapy, 1:1 therapy sessions stand...

Education & Training

Speech pathologists play a vital role in providing education...



The consulting model in speech therapy represents...

Multidisciplinary Practice

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, multidisc...

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Our Approach

Your Smooth Start to Speech Therapy

We want your journey to speech therapy to be as smooth as possible. Our clinicians are warm, friendly and personable to ensure you are comfortable to discuss your concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Make an Appointment

    Simply give us a call, or complete the booking form online to start your journey to speech pathology!

  • Meet with our Therapist & Assessment

    Once you have booked an appointment, the Speech Therapist will meet with you to complete an assessment and discuss your therapy goals.

  • Observation & Speech Pathology Report

    Where appropriate, the Speech Pathologist will observe the client / child in their natural environments to see what communication needs are most prominent, and use this information along with the assessment data to write a comprehensive communication or dysphagia report.

  • Begin Therapy Service

    If therapy is recommended by the speech pathologist, you can start your intervention. Therapy can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or consulting model, depending on the clients needs and clinical recommendations.

What We Treat

Speech Therapy for Everyone

Speech & More provides evidence-based intervention to work with and treat a wide range of communication disorders and conditions. Scroll through to find how speech therapy can help your communication needs.

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