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Speech Therapy for Children, Teenagers & Adults

Speech & More is a Speech Pathology practice providing fun, functional and evidence-based therapy to people of all ages across Australia. We’re a mobile and telehealth service. 

Mobile means we come to your home, school or day program to make therapy as effective as possible, and easier for you to work therapy into your schedule. 

Telehealth means you can simply log in from the comfort of your own residence, via your computer, tablet or smart phone, to access therapy from anywhere in Australia.

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What We Treat

Speech Therapy for Everyone

Speech & More provides evidence-based intervention to work with and treat a wide range of communication disorders and conditions. Scroll through to find how speech therapy can help your communication needs.

About Us

Helping People Reach Their Communication Potential

Speech & More is a team of dedicated speech pathologists invested in making therapy fun, functional, evidence-based and individualised. It is a speech pathology service that believes in providing speech pathology for everyone. The breadth of our reach is wide, but this keeps everyday interesting and means that we get to work with a beautiful range of clients that we value so much. Therapy with Speech & More is not limited to one service delivery model. It can range from parent training, 1:1 direct therapy, communication books, assistive technology, alternative and augmentative mealtime management plans and more. 

Our Service Deliveries

Services We Offer

We offer a range of different services to meet the individual needs of our clients. From telehealth, home visits, school visits and consulting. 

Home Visits

Home Visits

In the realm of allied health, particularly within the...

Communication Assessments

Communication assessments play a crucial role in identifying...

Mealtime Management Plans

Mealtime management plans are essential tools in promoting safe...

Why Choose Us

Making therapy effective, fun & functional.

Speech & More works with the highest calibre of therapists that value person centred-approach, evidence-based practice and strive to make therapy fun, engaging and functional! We work hard to make a difference to people’s lives.

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Evidence-Based Research

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